6476315572 USA Unknown Phone Number State 647-631-5572, Unknown City, Unknown county


  • 2015-04-29 22:53:19
  • Harlan

Dear comrade I know you have problems with it because you did not know me before this time and you can not trust me or maybe you re worried about this claim. Well if all of you feel these things it is not uncommon. I could have exhausted all efforts and were even the message go to your countrys pain and no information about late Mr. Wong Han Meng. It is for this reason that I decided to do this with you. Me it makes not sense to leave the money in my Bank we can help. I made a copy of my official ID for your view to bring you confidence and to know who there to do you.  I mean really good for both of us it is risk free and I m 100% sure that we will be successful with the claim. Confidence trust and success will be revealed certainly you like we go to the next level. This Fund will both surely a great help for our families we will receive this if you just accept to do this with me. Try it and you are convinced all what I said. I wait for your consent to tell you what to do next. Thank you very much.  Sincerely Mr. Prasit ManuthamPhone + 66989959613.This is the email gave it to attach a file thus it is called his or her ID


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